Adopt me Roblox | my Mega Frost Dragon Trade???? Yeah!!???? | Roblox Adopt me videos - by Lavender?

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Hey guys, welcome back to my YouTube channel!
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Today I'm gonna be doing a crazy trade!!
It's gonna be crazy!!!
If you saw my last video, I talked about how I got a mega frosh dragon and how it was pretty crazy and excited about it! But you know, I said I'd probably trade it, and that's happening right now. Oh, in my last video, I talked about how I got a mega frosh dragon. I was really excited about it, but today I'm gonna be doing something crazy!
In this video I traded my mega frost dragon for a really good trade that I was really happy with. Tell me if you think this was a good trade, I think it was pretty good just because the parrots became before the frost dragons. Let me know! :)
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And by the way, I changed my avatar looking, I changed a lot may look different. I was trying to go for a Christmas vibe now the Halloween is over!

Thank you so much for watching I’ll see you guys my next Adopt me video!!!!
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My name is Lavender, and we play Roblox on this channel!
Yeah❤️ ????????????????
I love Roblox role-playing Adopt me and Adopts Me Trading!
I hope you enjoy my Roblox Adopt me videos!
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Love and Fun,
Lavender ????????????????

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