Alex Rhodes - Never Coming Home (Official Music Video)

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Never Coming Home:

When you lose your temper and "go through the roof," how far do you go? What if you break through Earth's gravitational pull and end up in space?
"Never Coming Home" is a catchy, upbeat song that takes a fun approach to somewhat melancholy story about "going through the roof" and not being able to come back home.

I did some research into stop motion photography, used green construction paper for a "green screen" and snapped 970 photos (leading to a blister on my index finger) for this one.

Let me know what you think!

"Never Coming Home" was produced by Kieran Kelly (Angus & Julia Stone, Sufjan Stevens) with the help of my good friends, Keith Sigel (Bridges & Powerlines) and Joel Turner (To Better Waters). Jon Epcar (Carney, Bono and The Edge's Broadway musical, Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark) adds a BIG name and some BIG percussion.

Note: I wrote this song within days of writing "Hometown Rootage," which is all but begging to go home. Do you think there's a theme?

Never Coming Home Lyrics:
Each end of dark meets the edge of a light
I sit here afloat out in the black of the sky
And I want to be with you, I do

But I'm out here alone past where you see in the night
Past where your gravity is holding us tight
And I only want to share this view, with you

But I ain't never coming home

I lost my head, hit the roof, and I kept going through
Clouds through the stratos, light years from you
Oh I, want to come back new, to you

To my mom and my dad, I just don't know what to say
I'm sorry, and thank you but I'm losing my way
So I, will leave it at I love you & miss you

But I ain't never coming home
No I ain't never coming home

It's never easy and it started out hard
I finally wrote a missing sympathy card that I
Cannot mail to you

You can't see it yet, but I have painted the sky
A heart and an arrow holding your name and mine
It might make it back your way soon

Tell the people of heaven that I'm gonna be late
I've wondered around, but I can't find the gate
And I always thought I’d walk right through, with you

But I ain't never coming home
No I ain't never coming home
I ain't never coming home
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