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House Construction cost, Costing & budgeting for grey structure construction of dream house.
Gray Structure Included:
1. Demarcation of plot
2. Layout of plot According to Excavation plan
3. Excavation according to Excavation Drawings
4. Leveling and Compacting of Earthwork.
5. Compacted Brick blast/Crush Stone
6. Termite Treatment on Earthwork
7. according to drawings
8. Brick Work in Sub Structure
9. Two Horizontal DPC and 1 Vertical DPC For Seepage control
10. Back Filling of plot after DPC
11. Masonry work till door linter as per drawing
12. Door base (Chughat) of metal (16 gages with compound treatment)
13. Door linters (inclusive of shades)
14. slab (as per drawing specification including beams)
15. Elevation shapeup as per drawing (or 3D) construction
16. Plasters inside & outside (excluding all roof)
17. Staircase fully plaster (extra charges for metal staircase)
18. Metal safety grill windows (exclude finishing)
19. Feature Wall on Both Floors
20. Media Wall on Both Floor
21. Termite treatment on ground floor before
22. Kitchen RCC Slab and bricks Work also Included
23. Cemented floors with water leveling as per drawing specification
24. Roof Treatment plus heat insulation (plastic, coal tar, tiles, etc.)
25. Mumty with Servant/Store Room
26. Bath and OHWT is included if require
Plumbing & sewerage work include
✓. Sanitary Piping PPRC inside baths, kitchen underground etc.
✓Sanitary piping (PPRC outside water + gas (as per drawing)
✓. Sewerage piping UPVC inside baths, kitchen underground etc.
✓Sanitary piping (PPRC inside for gas (as per drawing)
✓Pressure Gauge used for Testing of Plumbing works
Electrical Work
✓Electric underground piping (as per drawing) Popular
✓ Electrical DB separate for both portion
✓ install Box for switchboard & socket
✓ Electric piping, fan and light box used in Slab Conducting.

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