Beyond Dragon Ball Super: Whis Trains Beerus In Mastering Ultra Instinct! Beerus Unlocks A NEW Power

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The Beyond Dragon Ball Super Side Story Special introduces the concept of Whis training Beerus in getting him better adjusted in honing and Mastering the power of Ultra Instinct with Beerus doing everything in his ability to endure as Whis goes on to further remind Beerus of everything that's on the line including Vegeta and Goku one day surpassing him! Whis pushes Beerus into a corner which later results in Beerus completing his training! Mastered Ultra Instinct Beerus is born! Would Whis Vs Beerus make sense to help Beerus? Would MUI Beerus Vs Goku be a good fight after his training with Whis? Be sure to subscribe for more daily Dragon Ball Content!

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