Book of Travels – First Gameplay Commentary of upcoming Online RPG

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Watch our brand new gameplay video of online RPG Book of Travels! It shows over 30 minutes of gameplay with commentary from Creative Director Jakob Tuchten. In the video you can hear all about the Braided Shore way of trading and skills, and how you'll be able to make bespoke characters using our many-layered character creation process. We hope you like what you see!

To become a Traveller and get behind the scenes news go to

Book of Travels is a TMORPG – a Tiny Multiplayer Role Playing Game. As opposed to an MMO, this means there are a limited amount of players on each server and you'll only meet a few to travel with. Find out more at

Book of Travels is indie studio Might and Delight's biggest project yet, is one of the most backed and funded Kickstarter games from gaming wonderland Sweden, and has been on of the most anticipated online RPG games for PC, Mac and Linux ever since.

Help us make Book of Travels a huge success when it goes into Early Access next year by wishlisting the game on #Steam, where you'll also find blogs on world lore and game development.

Even more about the game can be found on our Kickstarter at Late pledges are still possible with pre-orders and extras at a discounted price.

Book of Travels won the Most Anticipated MMO category in Massively OP’s 2019 Awards and is nominated for the A Maze Long Feature Award.

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