Columbia TriStar Home Video Ident A (1993; Homemade)

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As requested by Devin Schwab & Justin Schick, here's my homemade version of the 1993 Columbia TriStar Home Video ident A. First of all, there's my homemade 1993 Columbia TriStar Home Video logo. Then, the logo I previously saved to the video file splits vertically to the cumulonimbus cloud by the sunset and snapshot on each of seconds, starting from left to and from right to left. I saved the sequence of the cumulonimbus cloud by the sunset, and import the video I saved, add text in BankGothic Md BT font with bold in yellow color with brown medium outlined parts, says "COMING SOON TO A THEATRE NEAR YOU". I chose either zoom in larger or the fade. Either way, there's nothing I can do about it. I put the black background at the end. Anyway, that musical jingle was the homemade 1993 Columbia TriStar Home Video musical jingle, I recorded with the mic (microphone) as I chose the Mood Guitar (instrument) on one of electronic piano keyboard. I copy the musical theme I played and recorded, trim most parts off, leaving the last part, copy it, paste it several times, so the musical theme sounds longer until it ends. I imitated the narrator's voice for two variants with the mic (microphone), and trimmed one part off, leaving one part left.

Made with Microsoft Paint & Windows Movie Maker.


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