Controversial film depicts 1996 Port Arthur massacre

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Sky News host Chris Smith has criticised the production of a new film that depicts one of Australia's worst massacres saying they would not be receiving any of his money as he strongly urged others not to see the film when it was released.

"When it comes to using gore to sell films or depravity, I can't see why any society needs to be exposed to that rubbish, but that train has well and truly left the station," he said.

"What our children get access to now is just way over the top. And so too, is a new film, now being shot in Geelong for the Stan streaming service.

"It's a film about one of Australia's more evil mass murderers, if not the most evil, Martin Bryant.

"I doubt whether you need reminding but in 1996, at Port Arthur in Tasmania, this horrible excuse for a human being shot 35 people dead and injured 23 others in a rampage using a semi-automatic rifle."

Mr Smith said high profile filmmakers had argued against the release of the film, calling it irresponsible and pointless.

"Plus, the moviemakers needed taxpayer dollars to partly fund it. We're paying for it," he said.

"I don't want to see an actor looking like this madman, shooting children and elderly people dead.

"There are some enormous untold Australian stories that could be made into films or television series. We don't need a film on this."
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