Did you get SKULLHELM Dragon ? - Dragon Mania Legends

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Did you get SKULLHELM Dragon ? - Dragon Mania Legends

Are Skullhelm Dragons born with their telltale bone muzzle covering, or do they pick it up somewhere along the way? This Trainer doesn't recommend getting close enough to find out.

The Skullhelm Dragon is a limited-time Card-Segment Dragon which is obtained if its required 22 matching Dragon Pieces are collected from various events, other than Clan Events, or from recurring promotional Card Packs.

Incubating and subsequently hatching the acquired egg of this Dragon takes 2 days, 9 hours and 40 minutes. With an active VIP Status of Level 2 or higher, the hatching time is reduced to 1 day, 22 hours and 8 minutes.

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