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easy and quick rangoli designs for beginners
Art, craft and design are often considered exclusive fields where only those in the know are made members.

And the art world is a market that's difficult to break into. Whilst it's true that the sale of art can pay well,
it's also the case that only a few artists and designers find a way to establish a reputation without plenty of heartache! In art,
as in most human activities, you need to establish a name and reputation. Often, this can only be achieved through good exposure;
Next Month The Trend is Holly Puja, you can make eye catchy design your
home and your front design, also design ma Durga front decoration,
you can easily design and enjoy this
The web as a way of gaining exposure

Various options are now open for artists and craftspeople to display their works online.
There are several types of websites to which you can submit your work,
some of these sites post your work for free while others charge a minimal membership fee.
Often these sites not only enable you to post your work but also to engage in a discussion with fellow artists or craftspeople as well as viewers.#creative

Link below for products
Rangoli colours :-
Rangoli tools :-
Stencils :-

Gear used for shooting
Samsung Galaxy M31 (Ocean Blue, 6GB RAM, 64GB Storage) -
035-SUPER CLAMP W/O Stud -
Sky Tripod Floor lamp with White Shade and Off White Bulb -
Vanguard Alta Pro 2+263 CT Carbon Fibre Camera Tripod (Black) -
Fariox Selfie Ring Light and Cell Phone & Webcam Holder Stand -
Canon 1500D DSLR Camera with EF 18-55mm Lens and Basic Accessory Kit :-
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