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For years we've wanted to bring to life the timeless message of one of our most beloved songs. Have you ever wondered what a loved one would say if they could write you a letter from the other side? We like to think it would be a message of beauty, peace and hope that you'd one day be united again. "Home" is about the hope and peace that comes from knowing that our deepest relationships in this life will have no end in the eternities. "Soon, dear, you'll find me, where the stars meet the sea. Safe in the whisper that calls you home to me." ^The Gents


Production Team:

Executive Producer: GENTRI
Written & Directed by: Casey Elliott
Director of Photography: Rod Santiano
Aerial footage: Bradley Quinn Lever
Music by: Stephen Nelson
Lyrics by: Anjanette Mickelson and GENTRI
On location producer: Jody Hanna
Sailboat operator: Joe Novello


Older man: Roger Cole
Older woman: Deon Cole
Younger man: Logan May
Younger woman: Ashley May
Family members: Ryan Millet, JaNae Millet, Brecklyn Millet, Dalton Millet, Shaylin Millet, Brian Hanna, Jody Hanna, Natalie Hanna, Morgan Hanna, Melanie Hanna, Karen Taylor, Christi Taylor
Girlfriends: Natalie Hanna, Erin Henninger
Children: Paisley Zarkou, Rex Zarkou, Shaylin Millet

Special Thanks To:

Jody Hanna (our incredible on location producer)
Katrina Roberts
Joe Novello
Yaquina Pacific Railroad Historical Society, Toledo, OR and Tom Chandler
Roger and Deon Cole
Von and Karen Taylor
Brett Hulet, Canyon Way Dental
Jori Bowen
Port of Newport, Port Dock 7
Eureka Cemetery
Samaritan Hospital and Trisha Shugg
Yaquina Head Lighthouse
Sawyer’s Landing
City of Newport, OR
Deseret Book
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