Horii Hints at Dragon Quest's 35th Anniversary, More Trails Coming to Switch?! - JRPG Weekly Update!

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RPG News:

New Game and Port Announcements
• Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel 1 and 2 coming to Switch in Japan
o Announced for summer 2021 and June and July in Asia
o What’s exciting about this is that Asia releases often include Enlgish text options, So keep your eyes out for this
 In the meantime, no Western release has been announced yet.
• Also, Legend of Heroes: Zero no Kiseki and Ao no Kiseki are also announced for Switch,
o Also coming to the Asia region, launching Febryary 18th and April 22nd in 2021!
• A brand new Story of Seasons has been announced for Nintendo Switch
o Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town
o Launching March 2021
• Cthulu Saves Christmas, a brand new follow-up to Cthulu Saves the World
o Launched on Nintendo Switch eShop last week
o Also coming to PlayStation 5
o Physical copies are planned via LRG,
 preorders opening on November 6th
Release Date Updates:
• Cyberpunk 2077 Delayed to December 10th
o Citing a simultaneous launch on so many platforms has complicated things and they could use just a bit more time.
o The game was originally announced nearly a decade ago, a month won’t hurt.
o But that hasn’t stopped entitled douchebags from sending the developers death threats.
 I realize this is a controversial opinion but if your go-to move over a slight inconvenience is a death threat, you are just an even worse kind of Karen.
• Bravely Default II Release Date Announced
o Will be coming to Switch on Feb 26th 2021
o After the demo and collecting feedback Silicon Studios will be adding
 3 difficulty modes that can be changed on the fly
 turn gauges to better see turn order
 Skippable battle intros and many more changes
o The game now has a new trailer as well
• Rune Factory 5 got an updated trailer in Japan, will be launching May 20th 2021 in Japan
o No update for us in the West, still giving us a Western launch of 2021
Other News
• Yuji Horii teases various announcements for Dragon Quest’s 35th anniversary in 2021
o Not really much indication of what that could be at this time, but I’ll keep you updated as we learn more.
JRPG Weekly Forecast
• Kind of a barren week this week.
o 5th of November:
 Seven Knights – Time Wanderer
• 2015 iOS game Coming to Nintendo Switch
 Kemco RPG Dragon Lapis
• Already on 3DS, iOS, PC and XB1, now coming to Switch
o 6th of November:
 Kemco RPG Crystal Ortha
• Coming exclusively to the Xbox One
Question of the Week:
• What are your hopes for a Dragon Quest 35th anniversary announcement?
o I’d personally love to see DQX, the MMO we never got in the West, given a single-player makeover as they mentioned a long while back as a possibility.
o Also still waiting for more details on the Dragon Quest Monsters game featuring Erik from DQXI and his sister,
o But I also think it’s about time we hear an announcement or teaser for the next mainline Dragon Quest game! Let’s hope to hear some awesome news in 2021
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