How to breed Legendary dragons in the shop? - Dragon Mania Legends

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How to breed Legendary dragons in the shop? - Dragon Mania Legends

⚡ Arya's here again with news about upcoming events! ⚡
???? Jan 11-18 (9AM GMT): Bottomless Dungeon! ????
In addition to having the chance to loot the Quartern Dragon*, this special edition of the Bottomless Dungeon includes Divine Tickets inside every chest!
Dungeon shop: Chef Dragon
*To help celebrate our anniversary, we have increased the chances of the reward dragon appearing!
???? Jan 11-21: 6th Anniversary Event! ????
As part of Dragolandia's sixth anniversary, we'll be running a special event with Divine Chests available. Collect Divine Tickets, open chests and claim fantastic rewards to celebrate our birthday!
???? Jan 11-21 (12PM GMT): Dragon Board! ????
Roll the dice and move around the board to open Dice Chests and collect parts for the following dragons:
- Runic Dragon (rare chest)
- Sunset Dragon (epic chest)
- Brand-new Sixth Dragon* (legendary chest)
*Note: Sixth Dragon is Epic rarity.
???? Jan 11-21 (12PM GMT): Daily Bingo Cards ????
Complete the Dragon Board Bingo Cards each day to unlock the Snow Globe Dragon, with many more daily prizes to collect - including Divine Tickets!
???? Jan 11-21: Double Trouble Battles ????
Fill the Double Trouble meter by rolling doubles of the same number to unlock challenging battles. Win every battle to unlock the Fifth Dragon!
???? Jan 14-21 (12PM GMT): Ruin Milestones????
Explore Dragolandia's ruins to earn Ruin XP and collect Divine Tickets from milestone rewards!
???? Jan 15-18 (3PM GMT): Golden Opportunity! ????
Spend as much Gold as you can for a chance to earn special rewards. Leaderboard prize: Ginger Dragon.
???? Jan 15-18 (9AM GMT): 2x Power Boosters ????
For this weekend, clan members will earn double Power Boosters from every Clan Quest completed.
???? Jan 11-18 (8:30AM GMT): Dragon of the Week! ????
This week's special weekly dragon is the Bundt Dragon, which you have a chance to breed by pairing the Brick and Ice Dragons.

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How to breed a dragon ?
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How to breed a dragon of the month ?
How to breed a Legendary Dragon ?

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