JURASSIC PARK GONE DARK! New Dinosaur RPG Game | Dino Hazard Gameplay

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DINO HAZARD is Jurassic Park meets Dino Crisis meets Metroidvania - an old school RPG on a dinosaur-filled island. What happens? THEY BREAK OUT? Twist.
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JURASSIC PARK GONE DARK! New Dinosaur RPG Game | Dino Hazard Gameplay

DINO HAZARD is a cyberpunk RPG with both Metroidvania elements and retro atmosphere.
Explore a vast island with distinct ecosystems and creatures. Mandatory grinding is not essential, but players can enjoy fast-paced strategic combat focused on character traits. Gameplay possibilities expand as you restore the facilities.
You play as a very distinct group of characters that need to overcome their differences to defeat a common enemy. You must administrate their skills to restore facilities before it is too late. Discover who is the malicious antagonist and escape its traps and puzzles to survive.
Nostalgic atmosphere with an original plot.
Explore the secrets of a beautiful living 16-bit world.
A turn-based battle system with 7 unique playable characters.
Customize characters with an array of weapons and armors.
Different areas of the island present distinct ecologies.
Hundreds of different beasts for battle (including dinosaurs).
The game had scientist consultants to help build animals and flora accurately.
Expanding gameplay functionalities as you restore each complex of the island.
Gradually updating gameplay with the fishing system, crafting, capture and domesticate system.
Mission-focused story with great pacing and intense climaxes.
Explore an open world and play as you wish. Do you prefer developing a career as a hunter, a scavenger, or a conservationist?

For Adventure!
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