करिश्मा ने Ki पापी गुड़िया से बगावत | Papi Gudia | Movie In Part 04 | Karishma Kapoor

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Charan Raj alias Channi, is a master of crime, theft, kidnapping and black magic. He has a desire to rule over the entire world and for this desire he is ready to do the meanest of deeds, even that of murdering children. Charan Raj lays his hands upon an innocent boy, Raju who is the only support for his sister Karisma, a stage dancer. Channo, who was by now assumed the guise of a doll - a doll that that can walk, talk and even kill is the Papi Gudia. This doll gets stuck to Raju like a leech. Raju, in spite of being innocent, gets linked to every murder and inspector Vijay Saxena holds Raju responsible for each murder. Will Raju be able to prove his innocence?

YOR - 1996
Star Cast - Avinash Wadhawan, Karishma Kapoor, Mohan Joshi, Tinu Anand, Shakti Kapoor
Director – Lawrence D'Souza
Producer – Vinod Chhabria
Cinematographer - Lawrence D'Souza
Music Director – Naresh Sharma
Lyricist –Sameer, Gulshan Sarna
Writer - Talat Rekhi
Editor – R. Rajendran
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