Make the Most of Your Home Office Video Setup (in Three Phases)

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* No purchase necessary, if you have windows and can work near them

PHASE TWO (sane people will do this one)
* Ring light:
* Low-cost softbox:

PHASE THREE (do not attempt except at extreme need)
* Low-cost softbox kit, if you didn't buy it in phase two:
* LED Panel for backlight and color splash:
* Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K:
* Voigtlander MFT :
* Magewell USB Capture HDMI for getting HDMI camera output into your computer: )
* Gel kit for backlight and background color:
* Wall plate with 1 1/8" receiver for mounting the softbox to the ceiling:
* Pipe clamp for mounting softbox to pipe:
* Baby drop-down pin for positioning softbox on mount:
* Baby pin wall plate for mounting LED panel to ceiling:
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