MERGE DRAGON Get Crypto Reward Win Earn Money Cash Rewards App Apps Game Online 2020 Review YT Video

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I let's play and review this game. You can download and play this RPG / Role Playing / Win Earn Money Cash Rewards App Apps Game Online 2020 game Merge Dragon - Get Crypto Reward by Sergey Zasorin for free on the Android Google Play Games Store here: and on the Ios / Iphone / Ipad / Apple Itunes App Store here: Coming Soon?
I also try to figure out whether this app really does give out real money or if it seems like it is just a scam. If you have been able to cash out / cashout or get paid and is real from this game make sure to let us know in the comments, also feel free to comment and mention if you think it is a scam / a fake app so others know where to try this one or move on to one that actually pays.

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Below you can find some information about this game from the games google play store description:
Collect and merge dragons, explore thrilling worlds, match dracos and get Crypto reward in Merge Dragon game. Dragons and new challenge waiting for you.????

Begin your unique journey with Merge Dragon to enjoy unmatched worlds, interact with compelling characters and get valuable crypto rewards for your progress.

This is a game with simple and addicting gameplay and dragons!????

????Unique Dragon Embody Famous Characters
Over 50 unique fantasy dragons personify famous persons. Send the dracos to the runway and get your crypto in the merge dragon idle. Evolve draco by merge

????Get Coins Offline
With dragon you will keep mining the coins for another 24 hours from the moment you left the game.

Gameplay will allow you to earn crypto without stress, receive valuable crypto rewards and endless fun from the fantasy rpg.????

????Collect fantasy Super draco!
Improve your collection of dragon. Get super dragon and earn special bonuses.
To do this, you will have to open capsules, collect cards and craft a super draco!????

????Discover Thrilling Worlds!
Explore an awesome level along your journey. Make your draco earn more crypto in every new world! Create your own dragon kingdom
Pass new levels and lead the dragon to unlock new playful drago.????

????Daily Quests
Play the game every day, merge dragon and complete quests to earn SOUL tokens!
Complete single quests as you progress in the game.????????????????????????????

????Daily Capsules.
Get free capsules with valuable items every day. From the capsule you can get coins, soul tokens and cards with which you can craft super dragon.????

????The game does not Punish, only Reward!
Only the most skilled players will achieve the best results, but in the merge dragon cannot be lost or received any penalties. Merging, upgrade and have fun.
Get coins even offline and progress non-stop in the game!

????Regular updates with new content
Play with pleasure, and while you go through the levels - we are already working on the next.
New characters, new levels and game mechanics, stay tuned for updates and news in our telegram channel:

Play with fun, match draco, unlock rare personage, progress in the game even offline in a roleplaying game.
Challenge the fascinating world of merge dragons game! Create your own merge dragons kingdom.
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