MGM/UA Home Video (1982; Blender & Homemade)

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Here's the 1982-93 MGM/UA Home Video logo, Blender & Homemade edition. First of all, I used one of LogoManSeva's MGM models, especially the 1984 MGM/UA Diamond Jubilee model, though I removed "DIAMOND JUBILEE" & "SIXTY YEARS OF GREAT ENTERTAINMENT", & "ENTERTAINMENT CO." and extra film ribbon. I changed text on film ribbon "METRO GOLDWYN" to "ARS", "MAYER" to "GRATIA" & "UNITED ARTISTS" to "ARTIS". I leave the "TM" letters. And I removed the 1984 mask. And I choose the 1987 MGM logo, though I used Bandicam to snapshot the 1986 MGM Mask and the 1984 MGM/UA wordless logo. I get on Microsoft Paint to edit clips, add the 1986 MGM Mask onto the 1984 MGM/UA ribbon. The text for "MGM/UA" is Calisto MT Bold, and "HOME VIDEO" is Eurasia Extended. The MGM/UA letters have Blue Steel background with shining line on it. I adjust the aspect ratio to mirrored side of the forward slash, so I blurred it, panned the letters from left to right, though I used cookie cutter to cut most section away but one part remained for all letters and a forward slash (normal side for revelation) and film ribbon revelations. I add underline of Eurasia Extended font, though I copy it, paste it, copy, paste, copy, paste. And I'd just keep on going until the end. And I copy the line above it and paste it below it. I edited some parts on Microsoft Paint. I used Paint . Net to remove black color and saved each clip to PNG file. And this is the 1981 MGM/CBS musical fanfare, used for 1981 MGM/CBS Home Video logo, 1982 MGM/UA Home Video logo & 1981 CBS VIdeo logo.

Inspired by and special thanks to Blender Buddies.

Credits (and apologies) to LogoManSeva for a few MGM models.

Made with Blender, Bandicam, Microsoft Paint, Paint . Net & Vegas Pro.

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