National City: Homicide Investigation 09122020

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INCIDENT DATE/TIME: 9-12-20 3:15 am approx
LOCATION: 2100 blk of E. 16th St
CITY: National City

From what we heard from the friends of the victim, the male had been at a party with his girlfriend and they got into an argument. He left the party on foot. Shortly thereafter, a friend and the girlfriend went to go and look for him. They from him laying on the street with a gunshot to his chest.

He was still alive when the Police and Firefighters arrived. Firefighters and Paramedics started CPR when the victim stopped breathing and they worked on him for over 30 minutes before he was declared deceased.

E. 16th St is blocked for traffic from Prospect to Grove. The Police are investigating the incident. We spoke with the girlfriends’ father, and he told us that the victim’s first name is Brian. He was an 18-year-old Hispanic male who lived in City Heights.
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