NAVEY meets NiKO & ADLEY :) baby sister is finally home! an adorable memory with our WHOLE FAMILY!

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we finally have our Family of 5 all together ????


Best Family Day Ever 1149

It's happening!! Today is the day! We have waited months for this time come and here we are: Adley and Niko are going to meet their baby sister!! After Jenny and I had a sleep over at the hospital to make sure everything with Navey was ok, she passed all the milestones and tests she needed to and is clear to come home!! Before we head out, we have to do foot and hand prints in her Navey's baby book and get her dressed. We have a bow and blanket that is going to match Adley's dress. I pull around the purple Tesla and we load up for her very first car ride.

We get home to find the kiddos playing in the ultimate play room. As soon as they hear that Jenny has baby sister, they want to meet her sooo bad. We want to be extra safe, so they wash their hands before heading down. Oh it's sooo cute, watching our kiddos meet for the first time. Adley can't get over how cute she thinks Navey is and Niko Bear can't wait to hold her. They cuddle and kiss and tickle the baby's toes. They love her so much its so amazing! I could watch them be so cute and amazing all day.

After a quick nap, Adley and Niko help Jenny change the baby's diaper and change her cloths. Adley remembers that they set up a surprise in the basement yesterday for Jenny and the new baby, so we head down to find the room is full of inflatable balloons. We have family fun looking at the balloon family Adley and Niko made just for their new sister.

As the cutest day ever ends, the kiddos say goodnight to their sister. But Adley isn't done for the night, she sets up a sleeping bag in mine and Jenny's room. Oh, and our family is growing up so fast, Niko went potty on the big kid toilet!!

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