O'Neill Wave of the Winter 2020/21 Movie

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The O’Neill Wave of the Winter is the pinnacle of the North Shore season. It's the most spectacular ride from the most challenging stretch of coast on Earth over a four-month period as chosen by our elite judging panel of Gerry Lopez, Shane Dorian, Pancho Sullivan and Shawn Briley.

And yeah: this year was very, very close. Hundreds of entries. Some of the craziest Outer Reef waves we've ever seen, mixed in with equally intense Backdoor, Off-the-Wall and Pipe barrels. And while there is only ever one winner -- who will take home $25,000 -- we documented the best of these spectacular rides over the whole darn winter and packaged it into a short film that celebrates the heroes of the North Shore, complete with insights from Surfline's Director of Forecasting Kevin Wallis on the crazy winter season, the judges on how they made their (tough) call, and the winning surfer (who was understandably very stoked.)

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