Open Country - First Look At New Open World Hunting Survival Game

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If you do want to pick up Open Country and come join the fun yourself, buy it through this link. Out on PC - PS and Xbox! (#AD)

Key Features:
• A full outdoor adventure: hunt, fish, explore,
and survive as you weather the elements
and harsh environmental conditions.
• Pack your gear and loadout: every area of
the map is beautiful and dangerous in its
own way – be careful, the animals aren’t too
excited to have a houseguest in these neck
of the woods.
• Serve and protect Mellow Meadows: Gary
and the locals will give you plenty of tasks to
keep you busy and you’ll probably make a
four-legged fur friend along the way
• Single-Player and 2-Play Co-Op: explore the
Open Country solo or with a friend. Get a
buddy and go for a hunt, or head to
Snowridge Valley for an ATV race
• Level Up: Better weapons, better equipment,
and better vehicles
• 30 Story Driven Missions
• 6 Badges to Become a Master

• Weapons
• Melee: 5
• Ranged: 12 (3 handguns, 3 rifles, 3
shotguns, 3 bows)
• Upgrades
• Weapon Skills: 11
• Survival Skills: 17
• Crafting Skills: 2
• Each skill has 3 upgrades, which cost
Skill Tokens. Player earns Skill Tokens
when leveling up or when finishing
• Available in all ponds and lakes in all
• No fishing in winter biome
• Bait: Choose from Live or Plastic
• Rods: Choose from Simple, Spinning, or
Baitcasting Rod
• Fish Available: Perch, Smallmouth Bass,
Largemouth Bass, Cutthroat Trout,
Rainbow Trout, Walleye, Pike

• Hunger and Thirst
• Body Temperature
• Shelter & Camping: build with wood, cloth,
rope, and more.
• Cooking: fish, game meat, canned food
• Full Campsite Upgrades
• Bushcraft / Level Up
• Some plants are poisonous – beware!
• The Open Country is teeming with wildlife,
both predacious/carnivorous and
herbivorous, mind the environment

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