Phill Harvey full custom Gladius review

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Phill Harvey full custom Gladius review

Some makers produce beautiful slim & slender pieces for EDC, others produce overblown and overbuilt pieces that take up your entire pocket. And then there are makers like Phill Harvey which specialize in exercises of excess and while the Gladius isn’t the biggest knife I have ever handled, it’s still undeniably a monstrous beast of edged beauty.

Because of there handmade custom nature these knives are not readily accessible, however here is Phill Harvey’s contact information if you are interested in getting one of these amazing pieces for yourself.



This knife was provided for review by an amazing community member by the name of Dirk Werning, if you are unfamiliar with who that is then please do me a favor and click on the links below and show this man all of your support because he is a great dude and he makes great content.

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