THE MASSACRE BEGINS! Yu vs. Fabrizo Santorino | The Boxer Reaction (Part 11)

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The Boxer is by Jeong Ji-Hun. You can read it on Webtoons:

We're back with more of The Boxer! We're finally here folks. It's time for the match we've all been waiting for; Yu vs Fabrizo Santorino! This episode contains everything from his fight to Fabrizo's and Marco's back story. This is gonna be a reaction to remember!

[EDITOR] - Aakash Vasava

Intro - 0:00
The Boxer Episode 59 - 00:22
The Boxer Episode 60 - 04:51
The Boxer Episode 61 - 10:07
The Boxer Episode 62 - 14:56
The Boxer Episode 63 - 20:50
The Boxer Episode 64 - 26:33
The Boxer Episode 65 - 31:22
The Boxer Episode 66 - 36:38
The Boxer Episode 67 - 41:38

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