Tiji Festival in Upper Mustang, Nepal

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The date for Tiji Festival 2022 is already updated. It will be celebrated on English date of 27th, 28th and 29th May 2022 based on lunar calendar 27th to 29th of the 3rd of year 2049. Himalayan Wander Walkers has been organizing this trip since 2010 for all international tourists who are looking for this vibrant festival of Lo-Kingdom.

Tiji is a common name for Tenpa Chirim (bstan pa spyi rim). It is one of the most popular Himalayan festivals and it also an awaited season for hundreds of spectators from every corner of the world. It is celebrated annually in the ancient walled city of Lo Manthang. The religious festival was introduced during the time of Ama Pal (the first king of Lo), the independent ruler of Lo and Ngorchen Dorje Chang, the exalted being who brought Buddhism to Mustang. Tenchi, the Vajrakilaya ritual was brought into practice during the reign of Lowo Khenchen, son of the 3rd independent king of Lo Tsangchen Tashi Goen. This festival is organized by a group of people including mediators or village chiefs from every village and the Monks of Chode Monastery. The festival was conducted successfully for a long time. It is an old story about chasing the demons from the sacred land of Lo Manthang. The festival marks the end of the dry season and prayers for a fruitful harvest.

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