TikTokers Think they can Hack Reality with "Cheat Codes" for Manifesting

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art by - Suppa Rider

0:00 intro
0:05 TikTok is the worst (life is hard)
0:39 Cheat codes for Manifesting (secrete)
1:35 Your Lucid DREAMS! are a phone call away
3:22 My dream job is one cheat code away (quantum leap)
4:36 Vision board
5:10 "Grabovoi had it figured" out says the man in yellow
7:40 Grabovoi makes Alex Jones look normal
9:31 Time for comments
11:12 The devil is now in the mix
11:38 A code to make anything possible
12:33 I would take a code from Jeff Bezo's
13:31 no valid source just take her word for it
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