VIDEO STUDIO SETUP at HOME ???? | Zoom, Teaching, YouTube, Streaming | Budget to $$$$ | 2020

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How to build a home video studio for Zoom, YouTube, class, streaming, and teaching from cheap ($0) to fancy ($$$$).

0:00 Building a home video studio at four price points
0:27 The $0 studio
1:07 The "up to 100 bucks" studio
2:07 The "under 200 bucks" studio
2:58 The first
3:31 Green screening w/ fabric
3:55 Green screening w/ paper
4:14 The $$$$ upgrade (camera)
4:31 What's wrong with my iPhone?
6:01 Why megapixels are overrated
6:37 Which camera to get?
7:25 Bottom line

The Mic Video:
The "free lighting!" Video:
My Channel:
Potato Jet's video comparing the EOS R to Canon M50:

Non-Affiliate Links if you're in the US:
My Mic:
My Home Video Studio:
Paper Rolls:
My Camera (Canon EOS R mirrorless camera):
Cheaper camera option (Canon M50 mirrorless camera):
X-Rite Color Checker Passport (Photography):
X-rite Color Checker for Video:

Non-Affiliate Links if you're in the UK/Ireland:
My Mic:
My Home Video Studio:
Paper Rolls:
My Camera (Canon EOS R):
Cheaper camera option (Canon M50):
Color Checker Passport (Photography):
Color Checker for Video:

Software: Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Lightroom Classic, Canva, OBS Studio (for screen recordings)

About me:
I'm Julie Schiro, a Marketing Prof in Ireland. Also, a tech and film enthusiast. Also, garden enthusiast. Food too.

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