Warhammer Quest Cursed City - The Big Review | A Stick to the Script Review

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Always Board Never Boring had a lot to say about Warhammer Quest: Cursed City, the new dungeon-crawling adventure game from Games Workshop. He had previously loved Blackstone Fortress, Shadows Over Hammerhal, and Silver Tower, so his expectations where high. Would Cursed City live up to those expectations? Well, this video will answer that question, but unfortunately it's going to take over 50 minutes to do it.

Always Board Never Boring appreciates that 50 minutes is a very long time to listen to one person jabber on, and it wasn't his intention to make such a long video when he started out; but he kept finding more things to say, and while he was working on the video the channel reached 5,500 subscribers and he got a bit giddy. The result is probably the most elaborate and time-consuming video ever made for this channel, and he really hopes that those people prepared to sit through it find it useful. He does suggest making a cup of tea before you start, though.

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