We Bought Our New Dream Home! Tour Video!

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Soooo hello everyone! Sorry we haven’t posted much we have been so so busy as you can tell from this video. Yes we have already moved recently but we got the opportunity to buy a beautiful home in the Lake District with way more space and we just had to go for it. Such an amazing opportunity for me and my family and it’s amazing for the dogs! So many videos to come! Lola and millie and Rupert are currently seperate as Lola has come in season again and she’s too young to have puppies so they have to be separate it’s the most responsible thing to do it’s only for a couple of weeks and she’s in a self contained annex home with grandad who she loves so so much! She still plays and go for walks with eachother so it’s just they can’t be unattended for obvious reasons, we in the next couple of days are going to get enclosed fencing around the field so that the dogs have a massive big garden to run around it. We still need to do a lot like decorate etc and even unpack we will take updates and post more videos very soon as things are more done haha! Thanks for watching everyone. Love you all!
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