What If BARDOCK turned SUPER SAIYAN against FRIEZA? PART 2 | Dragon Ball Z

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What If Super Saiyan Bardock fought Frieza? Part 2


Planet Vegeta was saved by Bardock who became the Super Saiyan. Lucky enough to catch Freeza off guard and kill the emperor in a blind rage. With Kakarot at the front of his mind it’s time for us to continue this Dragon Ball What If with What If Bardock turned Super Saiyan against Freeza Part 2!
Where we left off our story, Bardock and Gine are on Earth to get Kakarot when they are met by Grandpa Gohan. As they arrive, the sky begins to go dark and the full moon begins to rise. Of course, without looking at the moon they won’t transform and Grandpa Gohan quickly tells Goku to stay inside the hut. If you haven’t realized yet, this is the night Grandpa Gohan would have died, but with Bardock and Gine on Earth the circumstances have changed.
The 10 years that passed on Planet Vegeta equate to 8 years on Earth - around a year before the adventure of Dragon Ball would normally begin. Now we don’t know when Gohan died in canon or what the difference in year lengths between Planet Vegeta and Earth are, but as you can tell from the first part, this is just a story for fun so let’s not harp on the details too much.
Grandpa Gohan notices Bardock and Gine’s tails and invites them inside - assuming who they are based on that fact alongside Bardock’s hairstyle. Bardock doesn’t want to go in - thinking they should just take their child and leave. He considers using force, but Gine tells him to calm down for now. They shouldn’t risk Goku being caught in the crossfire of some big battle - even if the fight would be one sided.
Once they enter, Grandpa Gohan offers them a drink and Goku hides behind his adoptive Grandfather - unsure about the people in front of him. Bardock doesn’t take anything to drink while Gine happily accepts. Grandpa Gohan says he assumes they’re the boy’s parents and Gine nods. Watch the rest of the video to find out what happens!

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