What If Gohan NEVER Stopped Training? FULL STORY | Dragon Ball Z

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What If Gohan NEVER Stopped Training? FULL STORY


After the Cell Saga in Dragon Ball Z, Gohan famously slacked on his training. While it is presumed he never fully stopped during the seven year time skip - he at the very least wasn’t consistent which led to many problems going forward through the arc. Notably this isn’t the only time Gohan slacked on his training. In the four year time skip between the Buu Saga and Battle of Gods Gohan has seemingly stopped training all together - with Resurrection F showing us the consequences of having Gohan completely give up on training. However, what if Gohan didn’t slack on his training during the seven year time skip? What if Gohan NEVER stopped training at all? I’m not saying to make him the main character, rather what if the same scholarly Gohan also made time to stay strong in order to protect the people he loves? A Gohan more akin to the Gohan we see during the Tournament of Power Arc. Well, our story starts in the Buu Saga of course.

After watching the video feel free to leave any and all counter points in the comments below - I love a good discussion.
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