Xenogears The Greatest RPG of All Time?! | My First Time Playing Let's Play Xenogears Part 3

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XENOGEARS! You guys have been asking for awhile and here it is! My first time EVER playing Xenogears! Join us as we start this old classic up and dive into this world which has been highly regarded to rival Final Fantasy 7! Yes my all time favorite game, FF7 has been apparently surpassed in this game. And I did not even have any idea! I am excited to jump into Xenogears as we start a new series for our channels live stream. Join us in the chat and let me know what you guys think about this. Remember please this is my first time ever playing Xenogears so please NO STORY SPOILERS. Gameplay spoilers are indeed welcomed!

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Outro Music: "Let the Battles Begin!" by GaMetal

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